Custom plasma technologies

Our technology

AlmaPlasma, a leader in cold plasma design for research and industry.
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Stand alone system

AlmaPLUS is a powerful and versatile research tool that integrates all the components required to explore a great range of industrial and biomedical applications of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas.

Custom plasma sources

AlmaPlasma main epertise is to design and manufacture custom plasma sources regardless of the field of application.

Connection with the territory

AlmaPlasma, a landmark for the community.

Link with the university

AlmaPlasma is a spin-off company of the University of Bologna, its know-how is based on the experience gained by the Industrial Applications of Plasmas group.

PULSE project

In collaboration with several European entities, AlmaPlasma is part of the Plasma reconfigUrabLe metaSurface tEchnologies project.

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