The first AlmaPLUS installed in Canada!

AlmaPlasma srl is proud to present the AlmaPLUS, a new powerful and versatile research tool for the field of cold atmospheric plasma applications.

AlmaPlasma srl  won an international competitive tender to provide Université Laval of Quebec City (Canada) with an instrument suitable to support fundamental research on the use of cold atmospheric plasma for biomedical applications on thermosensitive materials.

To fulfill the commission, AlmaPlasma srl developed the AlmaPLUS (Plasma Laboratory Unified System), a unique system that integrates all the components required to explore a great variety of plasma-assisted processes in terms of fundamental research. AlmaPLUS is compatible with different types of plasma sources (for example, DBD-jets, corona-jets, DBDs of various geometries) that can be easily mounted in the system thanks to fast connections. Through a user-friendly interface the operator can define specific geometric patterns for the treatments, select electrical parameters for plasma generation and control the flows of gases and liquid precursors for the deposition of coatings; the system allows easy saving and recall of all process parameters ensuring treatment repeatability.

More information on the AlmaPLUS system can be found on the official product webpage.

The first AlmaPLUS system was delivered and installed in February 2017 in the “Laboratoire de Biomatériaux et Bioingénierie” of the Université Laval (, a world-renowned institute for research on tissue engineering, degradable materials and development of new biomaterials. The AlmaPLUS will allow to perform plasma assisted treatments on different substrates (solids, liquids and biological tissues), granting to Canadian researchers the opportunity to investigate novel biomedical applications of cold atmospheric plasmas.