PlasMI – Plasma Mobile Inactivator

PlasMI is the first smartphone sanitizer based on cold atmospheric plasma technology.

PlasMI effect is based on the reactive species and UV produced by plasma, that guarantee extremely high antimicrobial efficacy in just 10 min!

Mobile phones are indispensable accessories both professionally and socially but they are frequently used in environments of high bacteria presence.
Growing number of studies highlights the potential role of mobile phones in the dissemination of diseases.

PlasMI Features:

  • 99.9% bacterial inactivation in 10 minutes (tests performed on most common bacteria found on smartphones: S. aureus and E. coli)
  • Designed for the most common smartphones
  • Compact size (31 x 20 x 16 cm) and easy to use
  • Operated with 230 V AC or solar energy