In the field of non-thermal plasmas, AlmaPlasma designs and markets various atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma sources for either large area and localized treatments; AlmaPlasma also adapts existing plasma sources (e.g. scale-up or miniaturization) and develops new plasma sources optimized for specific processes to meet customer’s requests.

The main sectors addressed by this technology are the plastics and packaging industry (sterilization, activation and modification of plastic, polymer and metal surfaces) and the biomedical industry (biocompatibilization of surfaces, ulcers and chronic wounds treatments). Moreover, AlmaPlasma is provided of numerous tools for the characterization of plasmas and their effects on treated materials (high speed and iCCD imaging for plasma uniformity, optical emission spectroscopy for plasma composition, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, water contact angle and surface energy measurement, BET analysis).

AlmaPlasma also has two biological laboratories (for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell treatment) with a dedicated microbioliogist with extensive experience and fully equipped for the analysis of biological effects of cold plasma sources.

In the field of thermal plasmas, AlmaPlasma will provide modelling and process scaling-up services, as well as design of components and sources for application in the field of plasma arc cutting, spheroidization and synthesis of nanoparticles, inertization and vitrification of hazardous waste, coating of metal and ceramic substrates. AlmaPlasma can also produce on a small scale test case nanomaterials with specific composition.

AlmaPlasma will complement these activities with advanced diagnostic services, process optimization and consulting.